Racism and Culture Vol. 1 DVD


Rasicim and the New Humanity

This portion of the lecture addresses how Europeans have fabricated the idea that they are bringing a new sense of oneness and tranquility to humanity. It focuses on the propaganda that no one before Europeans had this sense of what it means to prosper and exist in peace. Baruti explores the assumption that the Europeans’ “past” barbarities are only the result of a bygone moral immaturity. In other words, their past aggressions against others were simply childish devilments in their natural evolutionary progress toward becoming civilized. It is only a developmental stage, not a constant of being for them. Since then, the argument goes, time has allowed them to evolve into a “kinder, gentler” people. This, Baruti utterly refutes.


Shackles is a logical extension of The New Humanity argument in that it addresses the mentality of those within our community who promote and defend the idea of an evolved, newly civilized European who has the solution to global turmoil and who has everyone’s best interest at heart.  Focusing on academia to uncover the depth of this confusion within our community, Baruti looks at a variety of indicators ranging from intellectuals to our institutions of higher education to the disciplines they prioritize and the politics of those disciplines themselves.