Eureason DVD Volume 3: A Godless Reason

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Volume 3: A Godless Reason Mwalimu Baruti’s “Godless Reason” lecture brings the god-vying mandate of eurocentric science to light. He does not directly call us to question the validity of european science. That was done in the “Subjective Objectivity” lecture. Here, we are brought evidence that would cause any thinking person to question why european society and its science expends so much energy trying to negate any sense of divine wisdom, a working knowledge above and beyond the human mind that is the ultimate source of all human answers except for Europeans. He gives us ample reason to consider the arrogant, deicidal (deity killing), atheistic intent of eurocentric science. As we listen to his studied stream of thought, we are forced to give serious thought to why these people feel compelled to elevate their sterile, despiritualized science as the final authority on all things. All in all, Baruti explains why Europeans are so blindly intent in their desire for supremacy that they even feel that it is their “God-given” prerogative to compete with the Creator as the “discoverers” of Universal