Mentacide Part 1 Volume 2



The rate at which Afrikan people are locked behind bars is as important an indicator of our mental or physical health as our suicide, illness, poverty, mortality, abortion or drop-out rates.  Our incarceration is not just an act against individuals.  The assault is against all Afrikans.  There are furious, hateful social forces at work against us.  We must remember that this is a wholistic offensive agains the Afrikan in this, and every other, western cultural wasteland.  Afrikans are under attack every minute of every day, with whatever weapons Europeans can muster to hasten our mentacidal and genocidal removel from this planet.  And their assault has not let up since they first laid their covetous eyes on our power many centuries ago.  Our confinement and isolation have always been an integral part of this process of annihilation.  Those they do not want to kill they control through fear and contain behind soundproof walls.  Incarceration remains one of the most effective methods for physically, emotionally and spritually tearing Afrikan men and women away from themselves and their families.  In this lecture, Brauti presents and discusses the statistical indicators of this and lays out, from an Afrikan centered perspective, the theoretical reasoning as to why Afrikans are disproportionately institutionalized.