Mentacide Part 2 Volume 10


To be an Asafo means to be a member of the Afrikan warrior class.  It means that you have put away the thoughts and toys of this eropean world and are consciously, committedly, aggressively, uncompromisingly and completely employing your Afrikan spirit, mind and body in the battle to combat the destruction of Afrikan people.  It means that you know that any conversation with our enemies ended the moment they assaulted one of us.  It means that you know that the word “warrior” is not just a title you use to impress yourself and others while you do nothing worthy of it.  Being a warrior is not play.  It is not a game.  It is not pretend, make believe or fantasy.  Warriorhood has always been the highest honor a youth could aspire to attain when his or her people were fighting for their very survival against an unrelenting and merciless enemy.  Warriorhood has slways been the calling of young men and women who refuse to accept their people’s defeat as inevitable.  We call those who embrace this calling Asafo.  And Asafo have specific responsibilities and possess certain uncompromising, honorable qualities.  Not just anyone can be an Asafo.  It requires a special kind of Afrikan, one who can stand alone and together with us with no fear.