Afrikan-Centered Motherhood in The 21st Century


Yaa Mawusi Baruti is the co-founder and co-director of Akoben Institute, an independent, Afrikan centered, full-time and after-school, home schooling and tutorial program for middle and high school children (in Atlanta, GA).  Mama Yaa’s lecture is a great tool to use to properly prepare or raise an Afrikan child in the 21st Century.  Her presentation is easy to understand but also straight to the point.  For instance, several points that were elucidated are as follows:  1) when you become a mother your main obligation is to your children, 2) your priority should not be to work, school, career or anything else but your child, 3) a mother needs to teach her child practical life skills and etiquette, 4) do not spoil your child because spoil means to make rotten and 5) instill a healthy fear in your child.  She makes it clear that raising an Afrikan child in the 21st Century is no easy task.  Therefore, it must be taken very seriously.  Her message comes through loud and clear:  Our children are our future and it’s up to the mother to instill an Afrikan-centered etiquette within them to sustain the Afrikan race.  She said, “ Our children may not remember what we say but they will remember what we do.”