Racism and Culture Vol. 2 DVD


The Cultural Continuum

The Cultural Continuum lecture is an attempt to correct the intentional misrepresentation of traditional european culture and society by the western media. Most of us have a severly distorted and fairly rosy picture of how Europeans lived during the period in which they were becoming industrialized and before. Becuase we do not know, and because they have deliberately distorted the memory of the conditions they made for themselves, we do not know who and what they are. We have little to no idea of the filth they willing wallowed in, the disease they spawned and passed on to innocent others, the wretched state of their landscape and dwellings, or the uncleanliness they glorified and have spent the last two thousand years trying to project onto others as if it were something with which they are completely unfamiliar. If we understand what they were like, the conditions under which they lived and loved, we would no longer be impressed with the media image they give us of what they come from, and we would be better able to see what they have never left and are turning us into today.