Mentacide Part 2 Volume 12

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As Afrikan warrior scholars, we can be said to have a choice.  We can pretend, trying to blend Afrikan trappings with european imperatives.  We can pretend to be “afropean” emissaries.  Or, we can remove all contradictions in what we think, say and do as our people’s revolutionaries and become independently Afrikan.  Then, again, this is not true.  We do not have a choice.  If we have truly removed all compromising intent and anti-Afrikan motivations, then there is no choice.  If we have chosen to be nationbuilding, reAfrikanized warrior scholars, then there are not even any partial european options to consider.  All was decided when we swore never again to commit treason against our Ancestors.  At that point, we decided to be nothing less than Afrikan.  If some choice still remains, then we have not truly decided to be Afrikan warrior scholars.  ReAfrikanization and nationbuilding have no room for gray areas.  To become independently Afrikan we must do these things and never concern ourselves, unreasonably, with the reaction of others.  We must act as if we must answer to our Ancestors, our children and the unborn.  We must act as if this is our testing ground, as if what we righteously do here will determine whether we will be honored as warrior scholars or dismissed as traitors when we make our transition and are judged. $20