Racism and Culture Vol. 5 DVD


Racism, Colorism and Power
Black, in all its splendid hues, is indeed beautiful. It should also go without saying, that this variation is useless as an index for judging individual beauty, intelligence, aspirations and the like. One’s complexion is intrinsically irrelevant to any and all of these qualities. Yet we practice the european model of a racial hierarchy, ranking and judging each other based on our level of melanin. And, having adopted it, any value we believe we believe we independently, consciously or not, attach to different complexions in our community is merely a pathetic imitation of its racist beliefs at the societal level. So, in this new age of consciousness raising it must be realized that we cannot embrace a color-based hierarchy among Afrikans without, at some level, acdepting as truth a hierarchy of color among humans. There is no denying that the social organization of our community along lines of color precisely mimics the order fabricated by white supremacy. Afrikans serve as a classic microcosm in white supremacy’s global macrocosm. The only appreciable difference is that we “discriminate” without power.