Mentacide Part 1 Volume 6

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Since we live within an alien, anti-Afrikan culture and society, no matter how hard we try, it is extremely difficult to harness and direct our children’s energy and genius toward the Afrikan Way after they have outgrown their dependence on us.  Why has what should be so natural become so difficult?  Sadly, it is because we have no sold national social (economic, political, military) structure within which they can truly be Afrikan.  They have very few valid, open Afrikan centered communities which they can call home.  For this reason, when our children become adults, they find it increasingly difficult to freely and righteously exercise themselves to the benefit of their people and confront their enemy in a way that logically and uncompromisingly fits our Afrikan vision.  They cannot do both the work of our generation and theirs.  Because of our fears and divided loyalties, we have failed to create a functioning nation for them.  We have not built a physical, cultural and spiritual space with clearly defined boundaries and a center which emanates from an ancient, traditional, uncompromising core.  We have not provided them with a secure, protected space within which they can safely study themselves and othes.  In essence, because we have not done this, they have become nationless warriors, furious mercenaries in service to whoever supplies the quickest and easiest opiate from the pain of being Afrikan in a european dominated world.