Mentacide Part 1 Volume 5

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It is nothing new that some who claim to be Afrikan, who claim to speak uncompromisingly of the Afrikan Way, are guilty of faithfully worshiping Europeans and their way.  Whether covertly or openly trafficking chaos throughout our community, they have caused many of us to seriously question the nature of their contribution to our nationbuilding.  There have long been traitors in our midst.  But most have not been a surprise.  Little more was expected of them.  Most have not caused us deep, wrenching pain.  However, the number we would never suspect who bring treasonous destruction to our people is increasingly rapidly.  Interestingly, a sizable number of the latest group to renounce “the revolution” are those who held prominent positions in the Black Power Movement.  Many have still been able to hide their true selves and intent from the masses.  However, some have fallen out of the negroes closet onto the “we’re all human” stage.  And most of them are now being fully compensated for their revolutionary turnabout and publicly honored by the same supremacists whose destruction they only recently claimed to be their only reason for living. $20