Afrikan Centered Education


As intelligent nationbuilders, we must be willing to openly admit that the western educational system is doing exactly what it was designed to do to our children.  It is killing their curiosity and will to think independently, while corrupting their truth with perverted, abnormal cultural imperatives.  In reality, it is no more than another form of child molestation.

If we are to save our children from this maddening diseducation, how we educate our children and what they come to know as truth must revert to what worked for our Ancestors.  What does this require?  It requires educational institutions that work for us, here and now, molded from the minds of our Ancestors.  It requires schools, good schools, especially for our youth, spatially and politically separate from european and negro public and private institutions, without ties to them or their curriculum.  It requires teachers, better yet, healing educators willing to submit to the sacrifice of dedicating their lives to an Afrikan future.  It requires specialized, ever-expanding Afrikan centered curricula, textbooks and reading materials designed to satisfy our children’s unique needs.  Equally important, it requires supporters, investors, donors committed (whether secretly or not) to subsidize this intergenerational educational initiative.

This lecture DVD is offered as a solution-based discussion of all of these issues.