The Sex Imperative


The Sex Imperative is an Afrikan centered analysis of the West’s obsession with sex.

This book details and explains the history, nature and peculiarity of European sexual behavior and the culture which drives it. The author brings the inordinate priority of individual and group sex in European culture to our attention in a number of ways. He examines the printed, oral and visual media’s efforts to aggressively and with conscious intent highlight and promote the most extreme and individualistic sexual acts and confusions. He delves into a family of languages that since the earliest Greek writers has cultivated the degradation of females, the sexual exploitation of children and animals, the priority of sexual conquest and satiation, and a glorification of vulgarity. He analyzes the sexual personalities and behaviors of the gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology whom they created and who provided the model for mortal European sexuality. He looks at the sexual symbolism that increasingly pervades public Western society, being found everywhere from body ornamentation, such as tattooes and body piercings, to children’s movies to the newest wave of “soft porn” romance novels. And he exposes their normative sex-violence connection that for many makes sex their all in all and gives them emotional content; and through looking at the cultural history of gender/sex confusing initiatives, trends and patterns having the deliberate end goal of global unisexualization. These, of course, are only a few of the topics that are brought into this critical and long overdue discussion of the peculiar historical sex imperative of Europeans.

But not only does The Sex Imperative look at the source of the problem and its many confusing and destructive manifestations, it specifically addresses the introduction and spread of these perversions into the Afrikan community. One way the author does this is to take us on a historical journey through several generations of music to demonstrate that what we hear and see today in the music and music videos is not new. Even though the lyrics have become cruder and cruder, the message has remained constant. Through the author’s eyes, we can see a natural progression in this effort to somehow fit Afrikans into European sexual culture. Attempts to graft the European sex imperative onto the Afrikan personality began well before “old school” music, where a sexual priority was already being pushed beyond its natural limits through the airwaves and personal contact between members of these two groups. The goal has been the gradual but complete internalization of the peculiar bedroom behaviors of Europeans by Afrikans so that the extremes and perversions Europeans naturally practiced would appear less abnormal to a world where Europeans have always been a significant minority.

The Sex Imperative unlocks secrets, secrets that are hidden right before our eyes in the music, commercials, schools, magazines, stores, technology, trends, that allow Afrikans to fall prey to a voluntary sexual slavery because we do not know what we are dealing with or where it is taking us. Not only does this book provide an historical and contemporary cultural map of the European sexual landscape, as truly seen and understood only by them, but, if we let it, it also provides an Afrikan centered foundation out of which we can sexually locate ourselves in the natural ways that constitute the traditional mind of Afrika.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Dr. Llaila
O. Afrika i

Introduction 1

Chapter 1
A Sexual Framework 11

Sex and Capitalism 15

Morality 18

Romancing a Stone 27

Chapter 2
The Safety Valve 43

A Culture of Rape 46

House of Pain 56

Yurugu 59

Violating “Others” 62

Chapter 3
Superfreaks 67

Sex and Violence 68

Freudian Fixations 75

Frontiers without Boundaries 79

Outer Space 83

Revealing Flesh 86

Child’s Play 88

Eye Candy 91

Cybersex 96

Prepubescent Obsession 100

Their Oldest Profession 101

Terms of Endearment 105


Mental Rape 106

Orgiastic Society 120

Bestiality 126

In Any Event 132

Individuality 134

Anal/Oral Politics 140

The Best Medicine 143

Chapter 4
Another World 151

Lesser Rap/Hip Hop 153

An Evolving Musical Tradition 159

Chapter 5
The Language of Love 167

Behavior Modification 171

Negative Population Growth 173

Scarcity, Surplus and Population Explosions 177

Nuclear Nightmare 182

Survival of the Fittest 186

Chapter 6
The Games People Play 189

Tremendous Trifles 190


Deceit 196

The Meat Market 201

Self-Test 204


Natural Born Liars 204

Chapter 7
Boys to Boys 209

Men and Boys and Women and Girls 211

Chapter 8
Fair Game 213
Manifest Sexual Destiny 216

Chapter 9
A Tradition of Purpose in Order 219