Mentacide Part 2 Volume 7


This lecture addresses the escapism many Afrikans practicing the rituals of our traditional spritual systems engage in while deluding themselves and/or others into believing that the communal spirit and responsibility is either being adhered to or dismissed as irrelevant in this day and age.  The divine individualism they have so hopelessly run toward, in order to avoid the responsibilities of the reality of confronting the enemies of our children and their future, has freed them to excuse themselves from being responsible adults and members of an Afrikan community that is working toward independent group empowerment.  This growing group of self-chosen spirit seekers look to the stars, the zodiac, the Far East, ancient and traditional Afrikan spiritual systems, newfangled imperialist religions without sectarian names, in hope of grabbing on to that one all-encompassing belief, or melded collection of them, that will allow them to access the peace they have become too weak to fight for.  Some even allow themselves to become lightheaded enough to confuse their work to become personally still with a concrete struggle for Afrikan empowerment.  Running from one religion to another, looking to dodge responsibility, they have evaded the superficial, spiritual-deadening religious dogmas arrogantly imposed on them by aliens, but remain unable to shed the deeply internalized cultural imperatives of the people who gave them that corrupted interpretation of spirit in the first place.