Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males


Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males begins with an Afrikan Centered investigation into the origins and historical evolution of homosexuality. This elemental study expands into a detailed analysis of the most important part of this work, the growing gender confusion of Afrikans socialized into European culture and society. The historical relationship of white supremacy, based in the real and perceived threat of Afrikan males, to European global cultural imperialism/hegemony provides the foundation for these arguments. In plain terms, there is a direct relationship between the forced enslavement of Afrikan males into European society, the ongoing fear of Afrikan men by European men, the racist economic order that has gradually but systematically reduced its need for Afrikan labor since the official end of the Afrikan’s physical enslavement and the subsequent growing effeminization of a significant number of Afrikan males in this Western society. The process and desired result of this effeminization process is a significant part of the means by which European society seeks to reduce/eliminate the potential expression of a righteous rage by Afrikan men. This methodical demasculinization manifests itself in numerous ways and rationales, from within the prison system to higher education to single parenting to the labor market to the church to the media, all of which are thoroughly discussed in this book. At the base of this assault is the historical confusion and cultural alienation of Afrikans themselves. If people act toward any problem without historical awareness, for all problems are located in history, then in all probability they act wrongly or, as many prefer to say, they do no more than react. Therefore, many of us who are alarmed over this growing sexual confusion are mostly reacting to what is being done to our sons. And, because of this, we are unable to effectively arrest the European psychosexual assault on them. We do not see ourselves as powerful enough to stop others from turning our sons into their daughters. In the Western cultural context, men fear men, not women. And European men fear Afrikan men for many good reasons. They understand that the best way to significantly reduce this threat is to turn your enemy’s males into females so that they make themselves into nonthreats. Blame for powerlessness in the face of assault falls on the victim. That undeniable truth is what this book attempts to explain in as great a detail as possible so that Afrikans can act on a deeply informed Afrikan interpretation, and not a European fiction, of Afrikan traditions.

Table of  Contents
Introduction by Dr. Llaila O. Afrika



Chapter 1
The Genesis of Homosexuality

The European Origin of Homosexuality

Sex Ratios and Homosexuality

“Accidental Homosexuality”

Greco-Roman Homosexuality

Fine Art

A Pedagogy of Submission

Homosexual Warriors

Homosexuality in Greco-Roman Myth


The Tragedy of European Women

A Self-Liberated Arrogance

The Fundamental Order Behind Sexual Antagonisms

A More Gentle Oppression

Homosexuality in Traditional Asia

Chapter 2
Continuity in European Homosexualities

The Need to Be

Anal Attraction

Manufacturing Homosexual Families

Corrupting Children

A Family Affair


An Organized Assault

The Cress Welsing School of Thought

Freudian Homosexual Slips

Sappho’s Daughters

Turning the World Homosexual

Normalizing Obscenity

The Homosexual Politics of AIDS

Deregulating Homosexuality

The Numbers Game


New World “Gender” Continuum Unisexuality

The Spirit of Tiresias

Making Sense of Their God Complex

Inventing Children’s Homosexualities

Cultural Genetics

Contaminating Afrikan Bloodlines

The Cultural Determinism Argument

The Genetics Argument

Animal Science

Chapter 3
Myths of an Afrikan Origin of Homosexuality

Irreconcilable Differences

Why The Invention of Afrikan Homosexuality

Seeing “Scientific Colonialism”

Afrikans’ Arguments of an Afrikan Origin of Homosexuality

Championing the Master’s House

Dismantling Black’s Malehood

The Spirit of Homosexuality

The Book of Coming Forth by Day

True Origins

Identifying the Cause of Our Loss

Sex Diseducation

Cultural Incompatibility

A Question of Hierarchy

Chapter 4

Homophobia and Heterophobia


Homophobic Europeans

Homosexuality Is Not a Sex

Another Pattern

Lies and Confusion Fairy Tales

Chapter 5
Media Bias

Individual versus Culture

The Price of a Ticket


The Joke’s on Us

A Communal Deceit

Chapter 6 Homosexualizing the Afrikan Male

Factory Undercounts
Easy Access
Keeping Pace

Boys in the Hood

Homosexual Wars

Universalizing Sexual Perversion

Deregulating Incest


Without Sanctuary

All in the Family

Chapter 7
Loving the Oppressor

Victims of an Attention Deficit

Chapter 8
The Choir Boys

Religious Confusion

Turned Cheeks

A Greater Brotherhood?

European Christianity and Afrikan Homosexuality

Thirty Silver Pieces

New Age Spiritualists

King James’ Version

The “Christ Cult”

Chapter 9
The Confusion of the negro Intellectual

“Revolutionary” Crossover Scholars

Another Crossover Mystery

The Finer Art of Academic Middlemales

Theory versus Sexstyle

Following Greeks to the Letter

The Case of Robert Staples

Meaningless Intellectualizing

Chapter 10
Afrocentricity and Homosexuality

Ranking Mentacidal Action

Til Death Do Us Part

European Afrikan Male Rites of Passage Programs

A Matter of Trust

Chapter 11
A Tradition of Heterosexuality


Defining Effeminacy

Homosexual-Effeminate Distinctions

Last Ditch Effort

Chapter 12
European Origins of Effeminacy
The More Things Change

Chapter 13
Afrikan Male Effeminacy

A Greater Effeminacy

The Road to Absolute Compromise

Chapter 14
Effeminate Afrikan Warriors?

Counting Warriors

A Critique of Afrikan Men’s Emasculation

Models of Afrikan Warrior Malehood

Chapter 15
Kambon’s Rage

The Rage of Our Ancestors

Homosexually/Effeminately Cooling Out Rage

Chapter 16
Cool Pose Revisited

Other Telltale Expressions 376

The Limits to Fearship Analysis

Driving Like Miss Daisy

Disarming Warriors

Chapter 17

Managing Impressions

Becoming Female
Male Feminine Extremes

The Afrikan Feminine Side

Already in Touch

Breaking Points and
Defining Deviance

Normalcy as Mental Illness

Coping with Contradictions

Except in Love

Power and Warriorhood

Powerlessness and Effeminacy

Chapter 18
A Mother’s Love

The Hand That Dominates the Cradle

Undying Love Differential Association

Survival Strategies

Single Mothers and Effeminate Sons

Killing Fields

Sons Without Fathers

Women Making Men

The Mentoring Hoax

Chapter 19
Turning Out Truly Disadvantaged Afrikan Males

Powerless Women and Strong Sons

Containing and Breaking Strong Sons

Dividing to Keep Conquered

Homosexualizing/Effeminizing Factories

Chapter 20
The Production of an Effeminate Afrikan Elite

An Acceptable Malehood


Chapter 21
A Tradition of Warriors and Scholars