Eureason DVD Volume 5: Numbers and Zero Sum


The use of statistics has become central to the manipulation of western
and westernized individuals’ perceptions of society and their place/position
in it. In this heavily quantitative social environment, the counting
of people and their qualities has worked to the advantage of the powerful.
Through numbers, such individuals control the scientific presentation
of reality and rule those they suppress and manipulate through controlling
their conscious and subconscious interpretations of themselves and their
“betters.” This lecture looks at the way statistical averages
are used to lead people to misjudge their true situation in favor of
one that leaves them without a reason to act against their physical
and intellectual domination by others.

and Zero Sum This lesson challenges us to recognize the world through
the eyes of Europeans using an economic game theory that very accurately
describes their way of thinking. We are asked to look at the way they
see the physical world, each other and others so that we can better
understand why the Afrikan interpretation of reality is in total conflict
with the european interpretation.