Common Sense Security


We cannot pretend that we live in a safe reality, at least not at the same time we are claiming to truly be sane.  Our homes, workplaces, streets, events, yards and persons will all remain places which can be easily violated as long as we do not take commonsensical precautions to protect them from danger.  Without the security that knowledgeable preparedness brings, uncertainty and fear will continue to rule our existence to some degree or another.  Uncertainty and fear, and the stress which comes as a result of it, must be reduced in order for us to live as decent, happy, thriving human beings.  And, again, this reduction will require action on our part.  It can only come through us consciously applying those practical tools and methods in our lives which leave us more secure and comfortable in whatever surroundings we find ourselves.  This book offers a collection of interrelated suggestions which apply common sense responses to pressing security concerns.  It provides a framework of ideas out of which we can build more secure spaces for ourselves and our loved ones.