Clarity DVD Set I


Clarity requires insight and foresight.  Specifically for our Warriors, clarity requires a sound, politically-grounded, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally deep memory of us as a people.  Our ability to interpret everything through knowledgeable Afrikan eyes will assist us in gaining a thoroughly realistic, functional interpretation of the reality in which we exist.  Above all, our sight must be refined to the point where we are able to progressively visualize positive possibilities for our people based on who we have always been as well as the many obstructions strewn across the path to our sovereignty.  We must begin to seriously involve ourselves in the process of becoming historically and ourstorically clear about our mission as Warriors.  In doing so, we must never overlook the fact that there are worldviews, ways that politically interpret all of reality, at play.  Regardless, our worldview must be one that is uncompromising in its penetration into our people’s and other nations’ ways and the why behind how things work between us and them.  We must firmly grasp and permanently adopt this Warrior’s outlook as a way of thinking and interpreting reality.  If not, we will remain unable to truly understand the nature of what must be overcome in order for us to successfully move Afrikan people toward a solvent sovereignty.  This DVD set is the first part of that discussion as taken from a selection of essays in the first half of the book Clarity by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti.