Yurugu’s Eunuchs DVD

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This lecture is a response to the growing clamor about warriorhood and homosexuality.  It is a discussion of the question of the possibility of homosexualized Afrikan warriors.  The confusion within our community is not without cause.  People without a commanding, dynamic ancestral vision, without an identity beyond the limits imposed by a eurocentric reality, without ourstorical understanding, without hope, often succumb to impotent images of power in order to feel they are participating in a revolutionary movement or struggle to save themselves from the unrelenting horror assailing them.  When chaos abounds, those caught up in it, but who are not its source, are often forced to settle for whatever limitations in reality’s possibilities the creators and benefactors of that chaos allow.  The fact that this fear and reaction are reflected in the Afrikan community is evident in the movement to have warriorhood redefined in homosexualized and effeminized terms.  Warriorhood has a universal definition, borne out by the ourstorical (and historical) record.  Compromise and submission to powerlessness, to include the conscious misdefinition of self, are not part of any feasible definition of warriorhood.  Adopting the definitions of those who are against them leaves a people without the cultural moorings they need to be themselves.  It makes their soldiers dysfunctional in battle against enemies intent on harming them.  Warriors defend their people’s right to be their traditional selves, regardless of time frame, regardless of others’ antagonistic presence, regardless of internal discord.  This book is an effort to make more of us aware of this movement to turn our sons into someone else’s daughters (which, for all intents and purposes, removes them from the battlefields),  as well as a call to action for those among us who are responsible and courageous enough to act to protect our children against it.

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