Eureason DVD Volume 4: Bearings

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is a lecture that geographically turns the world right side up. We have
been looking at the world upside down for so long that we need the scholarly
tools of our Ancestors to right it in our minds and eyes. This presentation
by Mwalimu Baruti gives us those ancient tools and insight. Among others,
he uses the Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics and Universal Gravity
theories to show how the politically calculated misinformation of eurocentric
geopolitical science is embedded in our minds. Using these scientific
tools as our guide, we become analytically better empowered to investigate
the directional and gravitational “truths” that have evolved
about planet Earth in western thinking as a result of their eurocentric
definitions. These same tools, readjusted through an Afrikan centered
lens, then give us the ability to visualize what this planet, the physical
universe and geological change looks like when we look at them through
the reasoning eyes of our Ancestors.


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