Eureason DVD Volume 2: Subjectivity and Objectivity

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Subjectivity and Objectivity

For so long in academia, and among everyday people, the lie that because something has the word science attached to it that it must be based in some objective truth. And this truth supposedly falls beyond the personalities and politics of the individual scientists involved. Even after our best Afrikan centered scientists have shown us otherwise, many of us still accept the european’s scientific lies. We still believe that racist science is the product of a few odd, misguided, bad apples and not a cultural conspiracy. To our detriment, we assume that simply because some of these “political” scientists now possess melanin that we have entered a new age of truth and not just one where further confusion is brought by those Blacks in white lab coats who push others’ truth as if it were ours. This lecture deals with the fact that every people’s science is biased in their interests and explains how a people’s interpretation of reality defines and directs their scientific questions.

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