Eureason DVD Volume 1: Eureason

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 We must be able to scientifically decipher this way of being we currently exist in through an Afrikan centered lens. For many of us, the only real question that consistently remains unanswered is out of whose interpretation of reality, through whose worldview, are we studying ourselves and others. What intelligence is deciding which path we should take toward gaining complete mental liberation? Afrikan Centered Social Science is an attempt to answer this question by providing insight into some very fundamental social scientific thinking tools. It is an engaging reflective exercise for everyday, and not so everyday, people seeking to improve their critical thinking skills as Afrikan centered social scientists. But, whether everyday or not so everyday, this course is for those of us who have dedicated our minds to critiquing european culture and society in order to know what is and is not good reason. In this course we will examine a large collection of concepts, definitions, models and analyses, ranging from statistics to geography to political philosophies to education to spirituality to genetics to biocultural origins, explaining and reconceptualizing, redefining, remodeling and re-analyzing them in uncomplicated terms that will guide us toward thinking better as Afrikan centered warrior scholars.

Volume 1: EUREASON The first part of this lecture focuses on how and why Afrikans “think” as if they are Europeans. In it, noted
warrior scholar Mwalimu Baruti looks into the heart of why so many of us continue to rationalize our misguided use of eurocentric reasoning
to analyze the world and define reality as if what we see and decide is based on independent, critical thought. Presenting us with an overwhelming collection of evidence, he calls on all nationbuilders to question our conscious and subconscious desires to speak and defend the eureason we employ against our community and selves and return our minds to the Afrikan Way.

and EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE In the second part of this lecture, Baruti explains how Europeans have used a degenerate biological concept of evolution
to elevate themselves socially and culturally above all other racial-cultural groups. Dissecting one of these scientifically racist theories, he explains the white supremacist nature of evolutionary theory as it applies to nonEuropeans and how it “scientifically” justifies european global dominance.

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